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Pensacola, Florida Travel Insurance

Pensacola, Florida Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important consideration before taking a trip or vacation. If the trip is cancelled by the company or if you become ill, having travel insurance can protect you from unexpected expenses. At Wiltz Insurance Agency, LLC, we can offer you a wide variety of travel insurance options.

  • Medical – this will provide coverage for medical needs when traveling. Medical assistance can help in the costs that might occur if there is an accident or if you need to be flown home in an emergency. Check with your agent if your health insurance provides this coverage as well.
  • Trip cancellation - this will protect you if the company cancels the trip or if you get ill and cannot attend the trip or cancel early.
  • Personal – this coverage protects you if your baggage or any personal belongings are lost or stolen. Also, check with the airline before purchasing this coverage to find out their limits & coverages. Checking with your homeowners policy as well, may save you some money if travel coverages exist.
  • Accidental Death – this coverage would protect you or family member if someone dies on the trip. If you have adequate life insurance, you may not need this coverage.

Travel Insurance in Pensacola, Florida

There are other options you may consider with travel insurance as well, so check with Wiltz Insurance Agency, LLC to see if you may need any other optional coverages.